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Project Manager

ตำแหน่ง P Landscape Co.,Ltd

วันที่ 07/09/2017


Project scheduling, budgeting and control o Project plan development  Development of initial project schedules per project contract with milestones which include client deliverable dates, internal deliverable dates, client/external party meetings and project team meetings  Allocate working hours to assigned team members across the stages of the project  Allocate project direct expenses (reimbursable and non-reimbursable) across the stages of the project  Ensure understanding and ownership of project plan by Project and Operations Director, Design Director, Design Lead and Lead Production Designer through the Project Kick-off process o Monitoring of actual project progress vs. plan on a weekly basis  Monitoring of Project milestone achievement, invoicing and payments  Monitoring of Project hour consumption via reports facilitated through TimeLive  Monitoring of Direct project expenses o Project control  Manage external dynamics that could potentially affect the project plan to minimize changes to plan  Produce project progress reports (individual Project reports and collective Project reports) for discussion within individual project meetings and Design Director Projects Update meetings  Provide proactive insight to overall project progress to project teams for corrective action (e.g. alert project team leadership on potential project delays/excessiveness before they occur)  Revise project plan (as understood and agreed upon by project team leadership) • Client Management o To be the key contact point for the client from beginning of project execution to collection of the Projects last invoice payment  Attend client meetings, workshops and project management meetings to manage client expectations, manage scope of work and scheduling, manage project priorities  Ensure timely resolution of client issues/concerns  Management of business-related issues pertaining to terms itemized in contract  Serve as the primary liaison between the client and the design team o Facilitate submission of deliverables  Regular reporting to client on progress of project and coordination where required  Present deliverables (unless deemed more appropriate to be delivered by design team) o Ensure fluid invoicing and payment settlements  Reviews and approves invoice issuance to client for each billing period  Follow up with necessary parties once invoice issued  Monitor payment settlements and manage project progress if not settled on time  Perform initial collection activities – understand and resolve issues with design team Leads and escalate to Directors when deemed necessary • Design support and collaboration o Provide design input from a client perspective (design needs, construction budgets and priorities) and a project control perspective project scope, project plan and other contract related factors). o Participate in Design Reviews o Support design teams for interactions with counterparts throughout all phases as required • Projects and Operations Director support o Proposal development  Provide input regarding design team resources to help determine project scope, timing of milestone and potential resource allocation  Support in the writing technical aspects of proposals, establishing scope of services, deriving fees and contract negotiation where requested o Resource planning  Provide insight to Projects and Operations Director to develop short- to long-term staffing requirements  Support Project and Operation Director in project progress and performance tracking


ช่วงเวลา: 07/09/2017 to 29/09/2017


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